William and Kate reveal they’re ‘involving kids in farming’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge involve their children in farming, the couple revealed during a day in Wales to mark St David’s Day.

The future Prince and Princess of Wales were visiting a goat farm in Llanvetherine, near Abergavenny, and shared how Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis helped with their animals during half term.

The family are believed to have been in Norfolk, where the Prince of Wales worked to turn the Queen’s Sandringham estate into an all-organic operation.

During a day in the Welsh Valleys, the couple tried to make traditional Welsh cakes at a community center but the future king told the young people watching: “Don’t judge my cooking…”

While visiting Pant Farm, where Gary and Jess Yeomans, both 50, produce goat’s milk that has supplied a local cheesemaker for the past two decades, William spotted a silage sweeper robot in the one of the barns.

William and Kate planted a Jubilee tree for the Queen's Green Canopy at the Blaenavon Heritage Center (Steve Parsons/PA)

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William and Kate planted a Jubilee tree for the Queen’s Green Canopy at the Blaenavon Heritage Center (Steve Parsons/PA)

Gary explained that it could also be used to move food, and the Duchess replied, “That was George’s job halfway through – moving food.”

William told his hosts that the children had become involved in the farm and added: “We are also trying out agroforestry.”

The method involves planting crops between rows of trees to provide healthier soil, higher yields and vital shelter for wildlife.

The Duke studied Agricultural Management at the University of Cambridge in 2014, but it seems the Duchess also has agriculture in her veins.

Kate, who wore a red scarf, daffodils and gold hoop earrings from Welsh brand Spells of Love, told her hosts: ‘I was looking into my ancestry and there was someone who was a breeder of rare goats . I’ll have to find out which one it was. It was just after the First World War.

Video: ‘You are the future,’ William tells children during a tree-planting session (PA Media)

“You are the future” says William to the children during a tree planting session

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William also commented on the couple’s new sporting rivalry following Wales’ narrow defeat to England at the Six Nations on Saturday, where Kate, as England Rugby boss, triumphed over her husband, boss of the Welsh Rugby Union.

“She’s wearing a Welsh scarf today,” the duke said. “It’s a good family rivalry.”

Gary said to him, “George is going to have to come over to your side.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge try Welsh cakes (Arthur Edwards/The Sun)

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge try Welsh cakes (Arthur Edwards/The Sun)

“Don’t worry,” William replied. “He’s already here.”

When the couple visited Blaenavon Hwb, a community-focused youth centre, Kate, who is an avid baker, took a look at William’s attempts at making Welsh cakes and they also played pool.

She went to the oven and effortlessly started helping cook and flip cakes on the stove, while chatting with 16-year-old Libby.

After William started rolling the dough and cutting it out, he said to the group gathered around him, “I’m under a lot of pressure here.

“Don’t judge my cooking, it could go wrong. It’s not Bake Off. Where is Mary (Berry) when you need her?

The couple planted a tree to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee (Arthur Edwards/The Sun)

© Provided by PA Media
The couple planted a tree to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (Arthur Edwards/The Sun)

When the Duchess asked to see her husband’s efforts, she pointed to the delicacy of his cakes.

“That one is a little skinny,” William conceded, before looking at them again and adding, “They’re probably all a little skinny.”

Kate suggested, “Could you put them together?”

The Duke then chatted with the children about their experiences using the center and asked: “What kind of conversation do you do?”

A girl told him she was coming to hwb to rant and let off steam and the Duke replied ‘Everyone needs to rant’.

They ended their visit by planting a ‘jubilee tree’ as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy, an initiative created to celebrate 70 years of the Queen’s reign.

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