Which farming profession to choose in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Farming skills focus on anything related to animals, crops, and the production of handicrafts. Upgrading the Farming skill will allow you to be more proficient with the Watering Can and the Hoe, which means they will require less energy to use.

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Like everyone else Stardew Valley skills, the Farming skill offers two choices at level 5 and then two more choices at level 10, depending on the profession chosen at level 5. It can be difficult to decide which professions are the best, so we have described all the differences, bonuses, and which are the best.


Synthesis of agricultural professions

Here is a brief summary of the professions available at levels 5 and 10.

Level 5 Level 10
  • Animal products sell for 20% more gold
Chosen Breeder ⮫ coop master
  • Chicken coop animals are easier to befriend
  • Egg incubation time halved
  • Coop animal products have gained in quality
Chosen Breeder ⮩ Shepherd
  • Barn animals are easier to befriend
  • Sheep’s wool grows faster
  • Barn animal products have increased quality
  • Crops sell for 10% more gold
Chosen bar ⮫ Artisan
  • Handicrafts sell for 40% more gold
Chosen bar ⮩ Farmer

The agricultural professions, explained

choice of farming profession

Level 5 choice

At level 5, the player is prompted to choose between Rancher and Tiller.

> Breeder

The Rancher branch focuses more on farm animals and animal-related tasks. By choosing Rancher, the player will earn 20% more gold by selling raw animal products, such as eggs, wool, and milk.

This bonus even applies to handicrafts made from animal products (Mayonnaise, Cheese, etc.). Strangely, dinosaur eggs receive the bonus despite being classified as an artifact, but truffles do not as they are considered a foraged item.

The following items are affected by the rancher profession:

  • Eggs of all kinds
  • Milk of any kind
  • Wool
  • Rabbit’s foot
  • duck feathers
  • Cheese of all kinds
  • Cloth
  • Mayonnaise of all kinds

> Tiller

Choosing Tiller will grant a 10% gold bonus when selling crops. This bonus does not apply to fruits that have been foraged, but it does apply to certain flowers that have been foraged (Crocus and Sweet Pea). Additionally, the game records whether an item is researched or farmed (like grapes), even though there is no way for the player to see the distinction.

Rancher Chosen – Tier 10 Pick

Breeder branch

If the player chooses Rancher at level 5, they will be introduced to Coopmaster or Shepherd at level 10.

> Co-opmaster

This profession affects animals that live in co-ops, including chickens, rabbits, ducks, dinosaurs, void chickens, and golden chickens.

Any player who becomes Coopmaster will become friends much faster with animals living in Coop. Additionally, the time it takes for an egg placed in a Co-op incubator to hatch will be halved.

The game does not include this information, but choosing the Coopmaster profession will also increase the chances of better quality animal products from animals living in a co-op.

> Shepherd

The choice of the profession of shepherd affects the animals that reside in the barns, namely cows, pigs, goats, sheep and ostriches.

This profession basically works the same way as Coopmaster but for barn animals. These animals will befriend the player much faster, and their products are more likely to be of higher quality.

Rather than halving the incubation time, Shepherd will encourage the sheep to produce their wool more often.

Chosen Tiller – Tier 10 Pick

drawbar branch

Players who choose Tiller at level 5 will be prompted to choose between Artisan and Farmer at level 10.

> Craftsman

Artisan is undoubtedly one of the most profitable professions in the game. By choosing this profession, all crafted products will sell for 40% more gold. This means that all that Wine, Cheese, Truffle Oil and Pale Ale (and everything in between) will see a huge increase in selling price. Empires were built from the craftsman profession, and it is an extremely popular choice among players.

> Agronomist

The other choice at level 10 is Farmer. This skill makes crops grow 10% faster. This is fine, but it can be done with fertilizer, which makes Artisan the better choice.

Best farming professions in Stardew Valley


Generally speaking, the combination of Tiller (Level 5) and Artisan (Level 10) will be the best path.

> Tiller & Craftsman

For most people, the best choice at level 5 will be Tiller. There are two reasons for this :

1. Crops are much more lucrative than animal products at the start of the game

2. Artisan is the best of all level 10 choices

At the start of the game, the average player is unlikely to have many animals, so the bonus from the sale price of animal products will not be as large as the increase in crop prices. Additionally, crops can be grown in abundance, as long as the player has the money or seed makers to get enough seeds. Animals have a limited production that is time locked and cannot really be increased beyond buying and raising more animals.

As for the second reason, Artisan is easily one of the most profitable professions in the game, and it is only accessible if Tiller is chosen. The average farm will, in the long run, process most of its raw materials into craft products.

Those who decide to choose Rancher must choose Shepherd at level 10. Coopmaster and Shepherd offer similar bonuses, for the most part, each increasing the quality of animal products and the speed of friendship with animals in either building. However, Shepherd’s third bonus (sheep produce wool faster) will be much more useful than Coopmaster’s (incubation time halved). Incubating eggs in new chickens and ducks is only useful for a limited time. Sheep produce wool forever and the fabric has a ton of uses.

Stardew Valley is available on PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android and iOS.

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