This tribal woman earns more than Rs 7 Lakh thanks to the integrated farming system; Know its history


Anita M.

Anita M., a tribal woman from Bettampady Village cultivates various crops such as coconut, areca nut, pepper, paddy, vegetables and maintains the livestock (cattle, goats, poultry, birds) on his farm as part of the traditional farming system of his 4.5 hectares of agricultural land. But, low agricultural production with low economic returns due to improper use of agricultural resources prompted her to seek a sustainable farming system for assured livelihoods.

Inspired by the Officers of Agriculture, NGO Grama Abhivruddhi and ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dakshina Kannada, she took the initiative to adopt organic practices on her farm. For this, she acquired the necessary knowledge in organic farming through seminars, books, magazines and newspapers, etc. Anitha is an active member of the NGO – SKDRDP, Mangalore for the promotion of organic farming on the plots of rural farmers.

Under the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Yojana and ZBNF (Zero Budget Natural Farming), she also mobilized farmers by forming a group – Samruddhi Raitha Gumpu (SHG) made up of 80 small and marginal farmers. The SHG offers financial assistance to needy farmers. She is a regular resource person for capacity development programs organized by the KVK and development departments to educate farmers on organic farming.

Anitha has also been appointed by the Department of Agriculture under the ATMA and PKVY programs as a resource person to provide advisory services and educate farmers on the various programs and programs. She adopted the technologies rainwater harvesting, agricultural mechanization, application of fertilizers based on soil analyzes, fodder production, goat breeding, dairy farming (HF), backyard poultry (Giriraja breed and Desi birds), mulching and drip irrigation techniques and application of TKIs.

By adopting the integrated farming system, Anitha wins Rs. 3,05,000 breeding, Rs. 2 60,000 Vegetables and Rs. 45,000 by Paddy, Rs. 1,000,000 vermicompost and Rs. 50,000 of Cow Dung Cake, etc. Now she provides advisory services to 400 farmers. Inspired by her, around fifteen farmers have adopted organic farming and six breeders practice goat farming.

For her success, she was congratulated with the “Women farmers at the district level” Prize awarded by GKVK, Bengaluru at the National Agricultural Fest – 2011; “Sankranti Puraskar” Samskrithika Kala Kendra Bolwar Prize, Puttur in 2012; “Women milk producers at district level” Price by KMF, Mangalore – 2014-15 and “Horticultural Prize” at the Kadri Flower Show, Mangalore – 2016.

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