TeamDogs is on the hunt for Britain’s favorite dog breed – that’s why Pomeranians are the best

Somerset Live has teamed up with our brand new sister site, TeamDogs, and fabulous dog food company Pooch & Mutt, to find out which breed of dog is truly the nation’s favourite.

Right here, Laura Grace Simmons champ Pomeranians and explains exactly why they are the best breed.

If you agree – or disagree – we’ll give you the chance to vote in the search to find the UK’s favorite dog breed.

Head over to to find out who tops the leaderboard. Remember that the rankings will continue to change, so vote.

The breeds with the lowest number of votes will end up in the Dog House. The 10 lowest in the leaderboard will be eliminated each week until we find our worthy winner!

A Pomeranian is more than a dog.

A Pom is your baby, your best friend and your cuddly companion. From the puffy coat on a tiny body, to their little twitching noses, to those dark and rich oval eyes, how can you not be obsessed? All of my Poms possess the beauty, charm and intensity to capture your heart.

When I got my first Pomeranian over 10 years ago, I was blown away by my little orange puffball. I remember when she settled down, she threw herself on our German Shepherd’s tail, her eyes focused on the black strands rustling in front of her face, grabbed a bite and ran with black fuzz hanging from her his mouth.

Her tenacity in everything she did was her charm – she had to sleep on the shepherd’s tail at night when they huddled together. She must have licked my face while we watched TV – she twisted her head like an owl to reach me. She had to climb into the shepherd’s mouth to play (panicked sweat cue)!

Pompoms are unpredictable in the most adorable way. They make little squeaking noises; their growls sound like purrs, howls sound like songs, and their excitement sounds like meows. If I sing a song with high notes, one of my puppies, Rolo, joins me. He throws his head back and screams, then loses his balance and rolls over.

The acrobatics don’t stop there – when I take my Poms to dog training, they stare at me intently, waiting for treats. They gobble them up making snorting noises. Then watch again and start dancing! A girl does the moonwalk, then gets up on her hind legs and swings like a salsa dancer. I sing the conga to her little dance, then give her a treat for fun! Theme songs are essential when you own a Pom – my favorites include their names, “Like a Star”, “Rock DJ” and “Rocket Man”.

Singers, dancers, acrobats and the most cuddly dogs in the world! A Pom will never say no to a hug. All of my Poms bounce up and down, front paws outstretched for hugs and the chosen one licks my arm appreciatively as I pat their furry chests.

Pomeranians are the gentlest of the toy breeds. If you want a life filled with laughter and surprises, choose a Pom.

They are like Pokémon, you have to catch them all.

Take a look at the TeamDogs Ranking and vote. If your favorite isn’t there, just email us at [email protected] with 200 words telling us how brilliant the breed is and why it deserves to win and we’ll add it to the competition.

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