Start this business with 90% government grants and earn over Rs 2 Lakh


Goats on the farm

In India, goat farming is not new; The people of rural India have been raising goats since time immemorial. The goat breeding business plan is a very profitable business because it requires little investment and its multi-utility Therefore, you can earn huge profits through goat breeding. The benefits of milk, manure, etc. from the breeding of goats are numerous.

Government support for goat farming:

It is very easy to start this business. You can start this with the help of the government. In order to promote animal husbandry in rural areas and embrace self-employment, the government of Haryana provides a grant of up to 90 percent to goat owners. At the same time, other state governments also provide grants. Indian government renounces 35% subsidy on livestock. Even if you don’t have the money to start raising goats, you can borrow from banks. NABARD is available to grant you a loan for raising goats.

Cost of raising goats:

To begin with, you should have information on location, feed, fresh water and number of manpower needed, veterinary assistance, market potential, and export potential. The goat is particularly in demand in India. At the same time, its meat is one of the best, and its domestic demand is very high. This is not a new venture and this process has been going on since ancient times.

Income from goat farming:

The goat breeding project is a very profitable business. According to a report, an average income of Rs 2 16,000 can be won out of 18 goats. At the same time, an average of Rs 1.98,000 can be won from the male version.

Goat breeding training in Delhi:

When planning to breed goats for commercial purposes, you should also have a full knowledge of these, including high yielding goat breeds, goat care management, goat feed management, diseases and control measures, vaccination, etc.

Below is the list of training centers that offer goat breeding training in India.

Delhi: 1) Al Habib Agro Farms: N-106, top floor, Abdul Fazal Enclave 1 Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi 110025, Delhi.

2) ICAR – Central Institute for Goat Research, Nodal Officer, HRD training

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