Romania in the top 5

In 2021, Romania exported more than 20% of its cattle for a total value of more than 225 million euros, according to data provided by the National Institute of Statistics. Although it is among the top 5 sheep and goat farmers in the EU, the country is not in the lead for meat production. The main export market for Romanian animals was Jordan, with over 1,000,000 animals of which about half were sheep and goats. Other important markets were Saudi Arabia, Greece, Italy and Bulgaria. At the end of 2020, it was ranked second in the EU for the share of sheep in the EU total with a percentage of 16.8% after Spain with a share of around 25%.

According to the president of the Romalimenta federation, the reasons for this difference between local meat production and the quantity exported are precisely consumer habits. Animals are sold alive, which is seen as an advantage as the market is unregulated. Most cattle are transferred from ports such as Brăila, Constanţa and Tulcea from where they are transported by sea, mainly to Muslim countries. These states, which mainly consume sheep and goats, also constitute the majority of shareholders present in Romanian companies, according to data provided to the financial newspaper Ziarul Financiar. Ice from Bucharest talked about it.

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