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Market demand was strong for the inaugural sale of Queensland State Goat Breeders on Monday at the Charleville Showgrounds.

At the fall of the hammer, 126 lots had sold for total liquidation. The sale split saw 112 Boer dollars in 93 lots averaging $ 1,821 and a high of $ 4,800, while 32 Boer in 29 lots averaging $ 2,222 and capped at $ 8,100, and four embryo lots on average. $ 765 to reach $ 1,800.

Jake Berghofer and Emma Patterson, Springvale Reds, Eulo, sold $ 54 for an average of $ 2,162, eight females for an average of $ 4,762 and 34 embryos in four lots for an average of $ 765.

It was Springvale R539, a ten month old triplet doe bred by Armadown Magnum and Yarrabee N7141, which dominated the sale and sold to Jim Gillon, Macanda Boers, Gordonbrook, for $ 8,100.

Mr. Gillon also bought the second Springvale R541 doe, a ten-month-old treble also sired by Armadown Magnum and Yarrabee N7141, for $ 7,600.

The most expensive Springvale R615 dollar, a standard trading dollar, went to Lex and Lyn Jukes, Tregonning, Morvan, for $ 3,600. They bought a total of six dollars and two does.

Carl and Emily Green, Western Bred Goats, Hillgrove, Morvan, have just started a stud business and have purchased six goats, two cocks, a commercial male and 34 embryo straws.

They hired François Marais, Ovatec, Dubbo, to carry out an embryo transfer program over the next 12 months.

They will empty the six goats bought in the sale and use the two males they bought for the sperm in the embryo program.

Sellers: Joe Taylor, Seaford Reds, Blackall, Emma Patterson, Springvale Reds, Eulo, Alice Sewell, Gundare, Augathella (rear), with Jim Gillon, Macanda Boers, Gordonbrook, Emily Watts, Catlok Goats, Dirranbandi and Danielle Jennings, Heartbreak Pastorale , Mount Isa.

Other sellers invited to the sale included Jim Gillon, Macanda Boers, who sold a total of nine dollars for an average of $ 2,100 and a high of $ 2,600, and ten others for an average of $ 1,680 to reach 2 $ 200 twice.

Danielle Jennings, Heartbreak Pastoral Pty Ltd, sold a total of $ 25 trading for an average of $ 952 and a high of $ 1,800, and four trading females for an average of $ 575 and a high of $ 800.

The youngest seller on sale was Alice Sewell, Gundare Lane Boers, who sold six dollars for an average of $ 1,233 and a maximum of $ 1,400 twice, and four for an average of $ 1,325. Ms. Sewell was very excited about the results and looks forward to next year’s sale.

Emily Watts, Catlok Goats, Bullindgie, Dirranbandi sold $ 11 for an average of $ 1,872 and a high of $ 2,200, and six goats for an average of $ 1,433 and a high of $ 1,800.

Ms Watts said she did not expect the results and was over the moon.

“It’s so good to be a part of the goat industry and sales right now,” she said.

“They are making a lot of money in the meat market, so these are exciting times ahead.”

James Taylor, Seaford Reds, Coolagh, Blackall sold seven red trading dollars for an average of $ 2,357 and a high of $ 3,000.

Sales organizer Emma Patterson of Springvale Red Goats said it was exciting to see all the sellers get 100% clearance and get paid well for the goats they donated.

“It will now be an annual sale and in the future it will showcase goats with very good business attributes as they presented today,” she said.

“Our industry is going through a really exciting time and I think this is evident in what you see here, goats scanning kids, goats having sperm morphology tested and showing goat embryos for sale.”

Officer Nutrien Gus Foott said the large number of people returning to the goats was evident with the “exceptional first sale”.

“In recent years, the price of goat meat and the cluster fencing / dingo fencing has allowed herders to diversify and come back to the goat,” he said.

“This country is made for goats in West Queensland and West New South Wales, and there are a lot more people going back to goats.”

  • Sales agents: GDL and Nutrien

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