Pet of the Week: Meet Sable

Pet of the Week: Meet Sable

Sable isn’t just your everyday dog; she’s kind of like your “girl-next-door” type, but in the body of an athletic model – a complete package! This ‘Sporty Spice’ may be slender, but she has power in her extra long legs and tail. You might want to recruit her for your neighborhood basketball team with jumps like hers, or maybe ask her to join you on your next marathon with her stamina.

Sable would be happy to play outside all day, watch the sunset, light a bonfire on the beach, and then come home to relax on the sofa with a bone. She can sleep a little late, but she’s always ready to have brunch with the girls and hit the Frisbee golf course afterwards. Sable is a smart young woman who can’t wait to be top of her class. A little praise goes a long way with this natural, people-pleasing girl! If you’re ready to hit the trail (or trails), looking for company, and like to have a little candy by your side, then come to the shelter and save Sable. She is ready to go!

Origin: San Juan Island

Age: About. 1 year

Sex: Female

Raising: Pharaoh’s Hound Mix

lester: 45 pounds

Personality: Sporty, Attentive, Affectionate

Energy level: High

Love: Athletics, long walks on the beach, romantic comedies

Do not like : Lack of treats, lack of exercise, lack of company

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