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Prices for standard Boer goats have reached levels not seen since their introduction around 30 years ago after another successful sale to Allora in Queensland on Saturday.

Breeders in New South Wales are set to become leaders in the goat industry after breaking a new record for their best herd in the sale of Lazy Acres Invitiaonal Boer goats.

In September of last year, Cargo’s Valley Boers / Youlden Valley stud achieved what was believed to be a new national auction record for the breed when a Red Boer was making $ 5,000.

But fast forward to the same sale on Saturday and the standard Boer goats have garnered interest across the country with buyers signing up on AuctionsPlus from all states and territories in Australia.

Best Reds stud buyer Benjamin Stanford with Elders auctioneer Andrew Meara and seller Thomas Youlden holding the $ 6,400 Red Dollar.

As a result, prices hit new highs when a nine month old red buck called Youlden Valley Barricade sold for $ 6,400 to Susan Law and Ben Stanford of the Best Reds Boer Goat stud at Peak Hill.

Even more impressive to the Youlden family was the fact that a standard 17 month old male called Viktor matched the price when sold to Brian and Keeleigh Allport, Inverclyde Cattle Company, Moonie, Qld.

Growth in standard prices has also seen Bengara Boer Goats, Peak Hill, surpass standard deer prices with Bengara 119 making Ian and Sharon Machin, Chambers Flat, Qld $ 6,200.

Valley Boers / Youlden Valley stud manager Thomas Youlden said the prices came as no shock.

“The results of the standard Boer goats that we see here today reflect the growth of the domestic market where standard and colored Boer goats have significant value for buyers,” he said.

Mr Allport bought from the sale in September and came back for another eight dollars and eight is doing it this time around, including the best standard dollar.

They will now be part of a crowd of top breeders, including a crowd of 500 elite females, and will control the junction to produce their own males in the future.

Buyers Sharon and Ian Machin, Seller Benjamin Stanford or Auctioneer Bengara Boer Goats and Elders Andrew Meara with the $ 6,200 doe.

Buyers Sharon and Ian Machin, Seller Benjamin Stanford or Auctioneer Bengara Boer Goats and Elders Andrew Meara with the $ 6,200 doe.

The Allports now exploit around 8,000 goats, resulting from the genetics of the rangelands, having diversified their cattle operation about two years ago.

Mr Allport said he knew the sale would be strong, but chose to seek out quality genetics.

“We don’t buy second-grade Boer goats just to put the numbers up, we pursue genetics and quality for our carcass weight and yields,” he said.

“We were looking for the color and we had bought a lot of red billys and Boers, but just the quality of these guys (standard), I couldn’t let them go.

“They were meat machines and the yield on them. They were a fantastic line of goats.”

NSW sellers stole the show with Valley Boers and Youlden Valley averaging $ 4,554 for their series of boer goats and Bengara Boer Goats averaging $ 3,575 for their offering.

Overall, the sale had a 92.5 percent liquidation rate.

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