Next Generation Named at 2021 USEA FEH Central Championships


10 October 2021

Next Generation Named at 2021 USEA FEH Central Championships

Photo USEA / Claire Kelley.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A new group of champions were crowned today at the 2021 USEA Future Event Horse (FEH) Central Championships at Haras Hacienda in Magnolia, TX. Judged by Lori Hoos and Katie Rocco, the Central Championships saw a total of 21 horses ranging from yearlings to 4 years old. “Today was a wonderful day. The place at Haras [Hacienda] is so stylish, and it’s a pleasure to be here. The horses were well behaved and well presented, ”said Hoos. Rocco added: “I agree it was a phenomenal experience and what a fabulous place to host it, it was wonderful. There is real sincerity from the people who care about this program here.

The first division to go was the Yearling Championship which consisted of five entries, one filly and four foals. Of the five, it was Audrea Dyer’s Thoroughbred Colt, At Close Range (Saketini x Bodacious Barb) who had a final score of 78.75 to claim the overall yearling championship title.

At close range. Photo USEA / Claire Kelley.

Dyer is no stranger to making the 14-hour commute from his Florida home to Texas to compete in the FEH Central Championships. She was the owner, breeder and handler of the 2019 Central Overall Yearling Champion, a thoroughbred colt, At the Moment (Saketini x Shezagreatgal). “They look almost identical,” Dyer said, describing At the Moment and At Close Range. “They go out into the field together, and [At the Moment] adores his little brother. They are very similar in type. This colt may have more legs than At the Moment, but they are both from my stallion, Saketini.

“There were some fabulous horses today and it’s really exciting to see the direction that American breeding is taking, but I think it’s important to keep thoroughbred in our sport. I don’t want people to overlook complete thoroughbreds because they can be just as competitive as long as you pick the right individuals and have a smart plan for your breeding direction.

Thoroughbred stallion Saketini has now sired two FEH Yearling champions, At The Moment who was the 2019 FEH Central Yearling champion and At Close Range who was this year’s FEH Central Yearling champion.

The general reserve yearling champion was Ann O’Donnell’s Irish Sport Horse gelding, TGS Well Mister Perry (Rather Well x Windfield All Sunshine) who finished with a score of 78.63.

Starstruck Vini Vici. Photo USEA / Claire Kelley.

It was Starstruck Vini Vici (Vindication S x Girosalah), a gelding from Oldenburg who was the overall 2-year-old champion, and with a final score of 83.30 he also got the best score in the daytime. Owner and breeder Nikki Litrell of Campbell, TX shared the thoughts on breeding the 2-year-old Champion. “I own his mother, Girosolah, she belonged to a friend of mine who tragically passed away. I had intended to keep her for a while and had no intention of raising her at first, but I was able to get her blood work understood and recorded, ”Littrell said. “I first raised his half-brother, Starstruck Legacy, then the next year I entered [Girosolah] in a raffle to win a breeding at Vindication S and got the breeding for $ 25. Vindication S is owned by Silver Creek Stables, but it is with Avalon Equine.

“I intend to bring [Starsturck Vini Vici] back next year for the 3 year olds championships. I then hope to take him through the [USEA] Young Event Horse and maybe one day he will be my top competition horse, ”said Littrell with a smile.

Finishing with a score of 77.38, the 2-year-old general reserve champion was Gatsby’s Touch of Chrome (Gatsby x MFF Touch of Dutch) owned by Amy Clemmons.

Fly by. Photo USEA / Claire Kelley.

After her home was hit by a tornado, Alayna Joseph took a year off and decided to breed her eventing mare, Plane Jane. Plane Jane’s colt Fly By, a now 3-year-old Holsteiner filly and daughter of Lotus T, was named the 3-year-old Central Champion with a final score of 82.99. “I had bought the semen to raise my mare [Plane Jane] and I thought that was definitely a good idea because she has such a strong brain, and she is so athletic. said Alayna Joseph, owner of Fly By and mother of Fly By, Plane Jane. “[Plane Jane] was actually a find from Craigslist, and I didn’t expect to meet her at all until she started jumping in the pasture on her own.

“Ironically, [Fly By] was born on Good Friday and I wasn’t expecting her. In fact, she ran towards me in the pasture in the dark at 6:00 am and said “Hi, here I am!” and I just started screaming. She was so beautiful. I couldn’t have been more impressed.

Fly By, known as the Ara around the barn is “super sweet,” Joseph said. “She wants to know everyone, she’s the first one who comes to see my husband every day. During the qualifier, someone asked us if we were going to sell it, and my husband immediately said no. She’s just a ham, she loves everyone. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for her, and we learned so much.

The 3 year old general reserve champion and top ranked 3 year old colt was Irish Sport Horse gelding, Flagmount’s Scandal (Flagmount’s Freedom x Coaxing Halo) owned and bred by Robbie Peterson who finished with a final score of 81.76.

Contributions paid. Photo USEA / Claire Kelley.

There were three 4-year-old horses entered in the 4-year-old Central Championship and it was Carol Stephens’ thoroughbred mare, Dues Paid (Moonshine Mullen x Dues Are Paid) who won with a final score of 81, 73. Ridden by Laura Vello, Dues Paid was also the TIP FEH Center Champion as she was the highest rated Thoroughbred of the day.

“She loves having a job and every day she gets better and better. She travels a lot, it’s great to have in the barn. She is a lovely girl. Vello continued, “I will be doing her first event, Beginner Novice, at Holly Hill HT in two weeks and then taking her to Texas Rose.”

Louisiana-based Laura Vello has paid dues (aka Sable) into her program for two months, since the first week of August. Thoroughbred mare owner Carol Stephens traveled overseas to cheer on her other horses, QC Diamantaire and Commando D Osthuy, both ridden by Sydney Conley Elliott. “She’s a great woman,” said Vello of Stephens.

Twelve Snapy. Photo USEA / Claire Kelley.

The 4-year-old general reserve champion and TIP FEH central reserve champion were Amy Maw’s thoroughbred gelding, Snapy Twelve (Snapy Halo x Princess Zara) with a final score of 80.70. “This is the horse of my dreams,” said the proud owner, Maw.

The USEA would like to thank Jayne Lloyd and Rob Moyar, as well as everyone at Haras Hacienda for hosting the 2021 USEA FEH Central Championships! The next and final set of the 2021 FEH Championships will be the 2021 West Coast FEH Championships on October 29-30 at Twin Rivers Ranch.

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