May 26 – Heimdall

*Heimdall and his littermates will not be available until Saturday, May 29. No applications or appointments will be accepted until then.

Meet Heimdall! Heimdall is a young shepherd mix around 8 weeks old and available for adoption through Rez Dog Rescue of Montana.

Rez Dog’s best guess is that he will be a minimum medium-sized dog, but most likely a large-sized dog as an adult. As always, this is just a guess based on what we see in them right now.


Heimdall is very active and will need an active home with families who will love him unconditionally and take the time to teach him obedience and involve him in their daily lives. He will need daily exercise and lots of outdoor play time.

Heimdall also has five other brothers, two of whom are sable colored and the other three are similar in coloring to Heimdall. He also has three sisters, two sable and one black and tan who are available for adoption. All of the puppies in this litter fit Heimdall’s profile in terms of energy level and size.

Ground Dog Rescue of Montana

If you would like to inquire about adopting Heimdall or a littermate or have any questions, please call Heimdall’s adoptive mother, Sheri Lee, at 406-208-3853. She doesn’t receive emails, so you have to call.

Please do your research before adopting a puppy; make sure your home type and lifestyle matches the activity level and needs of the particular breeds mentioned as a possible mix in rescue puppies.

The Rez Dog Rescue puppy adoption fee is $175.00 and includes puppies that have been neutered, dewormed, vaccinated against kennel cough, and given their first distemper vaccine. A fenced yard is required or if you live in the countryside, a safe area on your own land for exercising is required. All dogs must be allowed in the family home and be allowed to sleep inside the home at night. When adopting, you will need to complete and sign an adoption contract. Rez Dog Rescue is located in Billings, Montana and requires potential adopters to come to the location.

Ground Dog Rescue of Montana

Ground Dog Rescue of Montana

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