Lancaster Farming Gift Guide: Eight Unique Farm Themed Gifts | The heart of the farm is the family

Finding it hard to cross people off your holiday shopping list? We understood. Your mother-in-law, your best friend or your farmer can be the most difficult to buy during the holiday season.

For buyers who are struggling to find this unique, agriculture-themed gift, we’re here to help. Lancaster Farming staff members have put together a Holiday Gift Guide, with recommendations on what we covet for holiday gifts for friends, loved ones and ourselves.

Got a book lover on your list?

Winter can be the best time for a farmer to take the time to snuggle up to read a good book or catch up on work related to the industry. There are many books that deal with various topics related to agriculture and farming. “An Industry Worth Fighting For” by Derrick Josi, a fourth generation dairy farmer, offers readers a glimpse behind the curtain of a working dairy farm sharing its reality and that of many dairy farmers in a balanced way. “Preserving Old Barns: Preventing the Loss of a Valuable Resources,” Second Edition, by John Porter, a retired University of New Hampshire dairy extension educator, is a resource barn owners can use to care for. of their special structures. The book features over 200 photographs and preservation techniques by carpenter Arron Sturgis.

California Small Business Blonde Savage Creates Custom Wooden Cattle Creations Like This Pig shaped wooden sign with integrated LED grooved lights.

Photo of the carousel

Graphic designer Taylor Hoelscher from Carousel Design in East Aurora, New York, creates stickers that embody the love for breeding in a fun and striking way.

Fun gifts for livestock or stock

The Californian small business wild blonde creates personalized wooden cattle creations such as its popular Cattle Crown Holder which can be designed to resemble the head of a pig, ox, sheep and goat. The company can also create a pork, beef or mutton wood panel with integrated LED grooved lights that can be controlled via an app or simply plugged into an outlet. If you are looking for something smaller, but just as creative, East Aurora Carousel Design, New York, might be the right fit. Graphic designer Taylor Hoelscher has created stickers that embody the love of breeding in a fun and striking way. The stickers work great on a laptop, cell phone case, water bottle, or anywhere you can imagine having a sticker. Hoelscher also offers some of his stickers on t-shirts or hoodies so that you can give your passionate breeding enthusiast a fashionable outlet to express his passion for breeding with others.


Treat someone or yourself with a box of cold cuts, it’s Christmas.

Treat someone or yourself with a box of cold cuts

There is nothing more luxurious, healthy and fun than snacking on various fruits, cheeses and meats. We love these personalized quarantine deli boxes, adult lunch boxes and New Jersey Small Business Board charcu-cones that artistically blend high-quality meats and cheeses, seasonal fruit and raw vegetables in one. charcuterie kit that goes your choice of drink – wine or milk.

Got a fashionista on your list?

There are many stylish options to choose from for clothes, boots, and accessories like handbags and jewelry. Stores like Stockyard style in Harrisburg, Pa., have a host of western-themed brands like the Tin Haul and Hooey boots. In Lewisburg, PA, Showgirl style has more show-themed items in stock. In terms of accessories, the Mill Hall brand, Pennsylvania, Steel and stone jewelry designs affordable stainless steel earrings, bracelets and necklaces, which can also be purchased at the Plow Farms Holiday Gift Shop in Mohnton, PA. Some of our top picks are their cow themed designs. Another popular brand is the Californian company Chic trailer, which specializes in handmade western jewelry made of sterling silver and copper. Are you looking for something a little bigger? Sacred Cow SewingThe team of craftsmen make handmade cowhide leather handbags in different sizes and styles like tote bags, wallets and weekend bags.


At the AC / EC Farm store in Shoemakersville, Pa., Sales clerk Emily Hatt creates frosted and unfrosted molasses treats that are perfect for feeding to cattle or horses.

Don’t forget to spoil your four-legged friends this Christmas

At AC / EC farm store in Shoemakersville, Pa., saleswoman Emily Hatt creates frosted and unfrosted molasses treats that are perfect for feeding to cattle or horses.

Give the gift of wool

With so many sheep farms in the mid-Atlantic, you can’t go wrong providing the artisan or knitter on your list with supplies this Christmas. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Ross Farm sells Leicester Longwool, Romney and Shetland wool in various dyed and undyed packages.


Foaming holiday gifts. There are various dairy farmers and soap makers who make homemade soap from milk.

Foaming Self-Care Gifts

Personal care has come to the fore during the pandemic, so why not spoil someone with gifts for their own sake? There are various dairy and soap producers who also make homemade soap from milk. For cow’s milk soap, we advise you to consult Foamy Cow from New Hampshire or New Start Farm in Pennsylvania. For goat milk soap, try Honey Rae in Honey Brook, Pa., Or Lil Swatara Goat’s Milk Soap at Bethel.


Root, a small, women-owned business in Allentown, Pa., Makes organic cocktail mixers to spice up a drink.

Alcoholic gifts that spice up an evening

In most of the mid-Atlantic states there are many microbreweries, wineries, and distilleries. Buy a favorite liquor, a small case of beer, or a bottle of wine. Looking for something else? The eight oak distillery created all-in-one craft cocktails to make it easy to whip up a drink for the amateur mixologist on your Christmas list. There is also Root, a small, women-owned business in Allentown, Pa. that makes organic cocktail mixers to spice up a drink.

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