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As your goats get closer to kidding, build a kidding pen for them. It provides them with a safe place to give birth and bond with their babies.

Penn State Husbandry Educator Linda Spahr likes the mesh panels with see-through grids. They are comforting to the goats as they have nose-to-nose contact with other goats. A mother goat who cannot see outside may become restless. You don’t need a lot of space. A four-by-four enclosure is usually enough room.

“If you make it too big, the doe gets in there and she can ignore her babies. If she doesn’t like them, they can get up and go a lot more and hurt the babies a lot more. If you give them too much room “Spahr says. “In a 4×4, she can stand up, she can turn around, she can lie in the corner, the children still have room to lie down, she has to be near them, but not so close that she lays on them.”

Spahr says the main killer of baby goats is a draft on the ground. They can develop pneumonia or hypothermia, so make sure the barn has a ventilation system that allows cold air to enter only from the top of the barn.

She doesn’t recommend adding heat to the pen unless absolutely necessary. A plastic kennel is a safe and simple way to keep them warm.

“Put one in the corner, lay it down real good, and they’ll lay in there. And because they’ll lay in there together, they’ll stay really warm, and the body heat will keep them warm, she added. said. “Obviously there are places in the country where it is extremely cold. You can get a heat mat. They are mainly used in farrowing barns with baby pigs, but they also work very well for goats.”

About a week after giggling, create a “crawling” area in a warm corner where children of similar size can be together. Arrange the panels so that the children can enter, but not the deer. This allows the little ones to escape or rest.

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