Internet loans: How to identify fraud?

The credibility of online loans is compromised by existing frauds. for further explanation

Here we give you 4 concise, punctual and very useful advice to avoid being a victim of internet loan fraud.

4 tips to be prepared:


  • Beware of Advances

What concerns us most to know and distinguish is when they request an advance payment for services, insurance or commission. You should never make a payment before you have the loan in your possession since the credits begin to be paid after being released.

  • False Employees

Confirm if the person who contacted you to offer you a loan works at the company. Call asking for the person who contacted you, if you work there and to see if it will be the one that will take the process making sure it exists, as well as the address.

  • Do not give personal information

    credit score

Providing personal or banking information through the phone, Facebook or WhatsApp is something you should not do with any person or supposed financial entity until you make sure that such company, intermediary or provider exists.

  • Corroborate the information

Confirm by other means the information that the company presents on its website since sometimes fraud schemes build Internet pages with false information such as the company name, telephone number, and address. If something does not fit you, consult a specialist, such as:

  • SPIRES: Registry of Financial Services Providers, where you will see the records of institutions, government companies and what is being processed.
  • CONFUSE: National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services, maintains a list of names of phantom companies that are used for fraud.
  • AFCO: Association of Financial Technology Institutions, where you can verify the platforms that belong to the guild to enter their page directly.

Remember that if you are about to be a user of a digital platform such as Good Loan, which is a Financial Technology Institution, it is not yet registered with SPIRES, since some are currently under authorization process by the National Commission Banking and Securities (CNBV). In that case, you can check the AFCO page.

Do not get carried away by the emotion of the idea of ​​having found an easy and strangely accessible credit. If something does not convince you, however minimal, verify.