Hacked map controls ‘window’ with live views from around the world

Traveling the world remains a challenge as we rapidly approach our third year of life with the Covid-19 pandemic. To help keep cabin fever away, Alex Shakespeare have built a false window this simulate a live view from different cities around the world, but the way it’s controlled might be the best part.

As LCD and OLED screens have grown larger with better color reproduction and impressive resolutions that make it virtually impossible for the human eye to see individual pixels, it becomes increasingly difficult to discern when looking at a screen. or when you’re looking out the window at the real world. In 2014, Royal Caribbean even started installing 80-inch 4K screens in the windowless cabins of its Quantum of the Seas ship so that travelers on a budget, they could enjoy a simulated view of what was happening outside the ship, fed by a live camera broadcast.

Shakespeare is therefore far from the first hacker to turn a giant flat screen into a fake window, but he has found a new way to alter the view offered by the window. Nearby is a world map hanging on the wall with glowing LED lights over five different cities, including Amsterdam and Las Vegas. Instead of looking for a TV remote or laptop, just reposition a small magnetic plane over one of these five cities on the map to update the view from the window, thanks to the cameras broadcasting a view in direct from each all day.

Shakespeare took the faux window effect a step further to make it even more realistic. Mounted to the ceiling above the map is a thermal imager that tracks the movement and position of the person standing in front of it. As they move side to side, the view on the screen shifts slightly from side to side, creating a parallax effect that reflects what it is like to look out of a window. real. Where Shakespeare’s creation outshines a real window is when the weather turns bad, he can simply reposition the plane and swap the view for a city where conditions are more pleasant and cheerful.

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