Goat breeders must test new appraisal app


A screenshot of the ClassiMate goat visual assessment app.

The TRIAL of a new visual assessment app for goats is being extended to involve interested groups of breeders, breeding societies and individual breeders.

The visual assessment app for goats allows breeders to make real-time assessments and observations on key characteristics of individual animals

Application Developer Angus Burnett-Smith, Founder of ClassiMate Pty Ltd, has spent the past two years refining and developing the ClassiMate visual assessment application.

The app is in the final stages of development and Angus would like to work with interested breeder groups or breeding companies to test the platform before its release.

It also seeks to work with industry organizations to establish evaluation criteria suited to their objectives.

Angus said visual assessment is an extremely critical process for cattle ranchers that should not be underestimated.

“If done correctly, there is so much more to be gained from classification, not only in making breeding decisions, but also in providing unique promotional platforms, he said.

“There is no doubt that visual assessment as well as objective measurement data are key ingredients in improving the quality and productivity of your livestock, but how do you accurately accumulate meaningful data and, more importantly, how Are you applying what you have collected to the implementation of a valid breeding decisions? ”.

“The ClassiMate visual rating app allows ranchers to rate the breeder or assessors to independently grade their livestock through the use of a new app,” Angus said.

“It allows breeders to make real-time assessments and observations on the main characteristics of individual animals. “

Angus said breeders or classifiers using the app can enter the observation in a “variation of the ideal input screen.”

“For example, an animal’s feet may be turned inward slightly, in which case this would have entered as a slight variation from” ideal “in the application.

“The app uses a robust algorithm that applies a weighted matrix based on the heritability and severity of the trait,” he said.

“It automatically generates an overall score in conjunction with a full breakdown of the animal’s assessed characteristics, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

“The farmer is then able to access a series of reports which provide data previously not obtainable on each animal individually or on a herd basis.”

Angus said the shareable graph generated by the app, which highlighted rating information such as rater / classifier, date, rating criteria used, as well as a full breakdown of attributes and factors. performance of the animal, is invaluable from a promotional point of view.

“Other reports allow a user, for example, to compare the performance of individual bulls or dams by identifying which animal produces the best foot structure or meat characteristics. “

Any industrial organization or producer interested in contributing to the product by testing and refining the performance of applications contacts Angus by e-mail:[email protected]

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