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Goat market

Many individuals in India are increasingly interested in herding goats as it has enormous income potential. Goat breeding is becoming more and more popular in India due to its proven cost effectiveness.

This activity is profitable and sustainable in the long term due to strong market demand. The goat is one of the most important meat-producing animals in India. Goats provide a large amount of meat and can also be used for milk, clothing, and fiber.

Now, let’s discuss some very productive goat breeds and markets to buy goats in India.

There are several breeds of goats available in India. However, all goats are prohibited from being used for commercial purposes. Nonetheless, there are several extremely productive and suitable varieties of goats that can be economically bred in India. Some of the best are:

– Beetal goat

– Jamunapari goat

– Saanen goat

– Black Bengal goat

– Boer goat

The best goat markets in most Indian states are listed here:


The largest goat market in India is Deonar Bakra Mandi. Deonar, a suburb of Mumbai, is known to be home to the city’s largest landfill. During Bakra Eid, Deonar also features India’s largest slaughterhouse and Bakra Mandi (goat market). Goat sacrifices are part of Muslim celebrations. Bakra Eid takes place approximately two months after Ramadan Eid and ten days after Eid-ul-Adha. Indian herdsmen come to Mumbai in the weeks leading up to Bakra Eid to sell their cattle at extravagant prices.

Andhra Pradesh:

Gudur Sheep Goat Market is the largest market in Andhra Pradesh. Goat farming is thriving in Andhra Pradesh, thanks to abundant natural resources such as land and water. As a result, commercial goat farming in Andhra Pradesh has proven to be a profitable business.


Bismillah Goat Farm is the cheapest goat market in Assam. In Assam, beetle goats thrive, but their fecundity is lower than that of the native hill goats of Assam. When goat herders cultivate semi-intensively, they only give their animals a small amount of weeds and plants. As a result, Assam is quite green, as the climate is ideal for semi-intensive goat farming. Goat meat is very popular in this part of the country. Assam Hill Goat, Ganjam Goat and Bengal Goat are the best breeds of goats in Assam.


Mapusa Municipal Market is the best market in Goa.


Siwan Farm is Bihar’s best market for goats. In Bihar, there is a high demand for goat milk, meat and manure. As a result, Bihar’s business is becoming more and more profitable. A 6 month old goat sells for between 5,000 and 6,000 rupees. On Eid day, a one-year-old goat in Bihar costs around 15,000 rupees. As a result, goat milk, meat and manure are in high demand in Bihar.

Himachal Pradesh:

In Himachal Pradesh, the Kamal goat markets are the best. The market is located near Harinagar, Sundar Nagar in Himachal Pradesh.

Jammu and Kashmir:

The Sheep Husbandry Center in Jammu and Kashmir has the best goat market in the state. The markhor (Capra falconeri), the world’s largest mountain goat, was considered extinct in India until an investigation by the Wildlife Trust of India, the country’s leading conservation organization, revealed its presence in 2005. Kashmir goats, commonly known as Kashmir goats, are domesticated goats whose silky hair is used for cashmere shawls.


SR Commercial Goat Farm is the cheapest goat market in Haryana.


Chamarajpet Edgars and Goat Market is the best goat market in Karnataka. A thriving and well-established goat farming industry can be found in Karnataka. Goats, small multifunctional livestock, can provide milk, meat, fiber, skin and feces, among others.


Akash Goat Farm is the best goat market in Jharkhand.


Kalampoor is home to Kerala’s largest goat market. When Beetal goats are produced in black, the farmer earns the most money. As a result, this breed produces a lot of milk and a lot of commercial meat.

Tamil Nadu:

Kundharapalli in Tamil Nadu is the cheapest goat market. The market is profitable since Tamilnadu has 98 percent meat eaters and goat prices per kilogram are high. As a result, you can earn a lot of money if you keep 100 goats on your property. Raising goats is generally lucrative because it is easier than raising other animals.


Farmers in Telangana can earn money by raising goats for the Miryalaguda market. Telangana consumes more meat than any other Indian state in general. As a result, goat meat farming in Telangana shows great promise. In the Nalgonda area, you can also visit the Mallepally Goat Market. If you are looking for a goat market in Hyderabad, try Ziaguda.

West Bengal:

The Azad Transport Goat Market in West Bengal is one of the largest in the world. Goat farming is profitable in West Bengal. Male black Bengal goats weigh between 30 and 35 kilograms, while female black Bengal goats weigh between 25 and 30 kilograms.

Uttar Pradesh:

The best goat market in Uttar Pradesh is Manna Miyan’s new goat and sheep market. Because goat meat is in great demand, it is lucrative to build a goat farm in this state.


The YCT Goat Market is one of the best goat markets in Tripura.

Final result

These are the best markets to buy goats in the country. In addition, Indian goat products are well established and commercially viable. Goat products, including meat and milk, are in great demand in India. By using unique strategies, you can increase your income.

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