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Each month we will highlight differentthe dog breeds in our series, dog breed of the month. This month we take a look at the faithful and brave german shepherds. Keep reading for everything you need to know about this magnificent breed, including characteristics, temperament, and personality traits.

“German Shepherds are versatile, intelligent and energetic dogs known for their loyalty, Kennel Club spokesman Bill Lambert said. country life. “They are able to learn many commands, which is why they make good service, military, and assistance dogs. Outside of ‘work,’ German Shepherds love dogs that make an excellent companion, as well as ‘a companion for exercise or exploration.’

German shepherd

German shepherd

Why were German Shepherds bred?

German Shepherds – a large breed that originated in Germany in 1899 – were part of the Herding group. Known for their courage, loyalty, and guarding instincts, their herding history has made them great watchdogs, police dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, and guide dogs for the blind.

“As their name suggests, German Shepherd Dogs were originally bred to help shepherds herd animals, but have since evolved into versatile working dogs, often in the military, police and on duty. other emergency services, as well as guide and assistance dogs,” says Bill. .

What are the characteristics of German Shepherds?

German Shepherds are confident, courageous, intelligent and gentle, although it takes them a while to make friends. Due to the breeding history, they are incredibly noble and loyal – both to the work they do and to their owners.

“German Shepherds are energetic, confident and highly intelligent dogs. They are strong and courageous, but also have well-rounded natures and are considered one of the most versatile and trainable breeds,” adds Bill.

german shepherd dog

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What are the colors of German Shepherds?

According to the Kennel Club, German Shepherd dogs are currently recognized in the colors and combinations below:

  • Two-tone
  • Black
  • Black gold
  • black and tan
  • dark sand
  • golden marten
  • Gray
  • gray marten
  • Sable

    Is a German Shepherd a good family dog?

    “German Shepherd dogs are a good choice for a variety of owners because of their intelligence and well-rounded character,” says Bill.

    “They can be a good addition to a family but can also be a great four-legged companion for a single owner or a couple. However, they are large and very active dogs that require over two hours of exercise a day. which means they are better suited to owners of a larger home with a garden and someone who likes to exercise and spend time outdoors.”

    german shepherd in autumn

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    Are German Shepherds aggressive?

    There are times when German Shepherds will be aggressive towards humans, but it largely depends on the dog and the circumstances. Some German Shepherds will never act aggressively, especially those that have been well trained, but the breed is generally known for its aggressive behaviors and tendencies.

    One of the benefits is that German Shepherds are excellent watchdogs, so you can be sure they will protect your home and family from intruders.

    “They were bred to guard livestock and not as aggressive dogs,” The smart dog adds. “However, many GSDs have aggressive tendencies that need to be kept in check. But with the right training, a German Shepherd can be a loving and protective pet. They were also bred to perform search and rescue, drug and bomb detection, and as guide dogs for the blind.”

    What are the characteristics of a German Shepherd?

    Some of the best known features include:

    • High levels of affection
    • Friendliness
    • Friendly around children
    • Brilliant Guarding
    • Alternation
    • stubborn sometimes
    • Vigilant (making them brilliant watchdogs)
    • Brave
      german shepherd dog

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