Animal Crossing Permanent Ladders – How To Place Permanent Ladders In New Horizons


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Ladders: they are like stairs, but you have to use your whole body. Everyone knows stairs are easier, but not everyone can afford stairs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, either financially or spatially, and ladders are a cheap and renewable resource for climbing cliffs. without paying a ton of bells for a staircase.

They are a pain, however. Having to pull an entire ladder out of your pocket isn’t what most people think of as having a good time. With the addition of new permanent (and customizable) scales, the poor old regular scale just might be obsolete forever!

Here are the steps (pun intended) to get your own perma-scale.

Animal Crossing Permanent Ladders Guide

Head to the Nook store

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The Nooklings sell a “ladder installation kit” in their cabinet. It costs 2,000 bells. You can then learn the recipe from your inventory!

Gather materials

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Each perma-ladder requires 5 woods and, unsurprisingly, a ladder. Try not to think too much about how exactly 5 extra woods make it “permanent”.

If you don’t have a ladder, you can either buy one from the cabinet for 500 bells, or make one with 4 wood, 4 softwood, and 4 hardwood.


Image: Nintendo’s Life

You can change the color of your scales with just one customization kit. The options are natural, blue, red, yellow, green and white.

Place the ladder

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Walk to the desired location, select the kit from your inventory, and “sit next to the cliff”. That’s it!

Why use ladders and not slopes?

Well, the slopes are limited to 10 per island and cost between 98,000 bells for a natural ramp and 228,000 bells for a steel ramp. Slopes also take up a lot of space on the island, and removing or moving them is a process that takes days.

Ladders are cheap, quick to make and there is no limit. They might not be that pretty, but they get the job done!

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