Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Farming – How to Grow Tomatoes, Potatoes, Wheat, Sugar Cane, and Carrots

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If you’ve ever made yourself a small pumpkin farm in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ll probably know a lot about farming in the game already! All the same, you might be wondering: where can I even find all the new crops?

Don’t be afraid, budding farmer. You don’t need to know much about gardening to follow our advice!

Head to Harv Island

Agriculture in ACNH
Image: Screenshot: Nintendo Life

If you haven’t already, talk to him about setting up his co-op stores.

Now, we won’t tell you what to do here, as the choice is yours – but you will eventually have to spend 100,000 Bells in Leif’s Shop if you want to grow crops. You can only fund one store a day, so make Leif a priority if you can’t wait to put your mittens on the tomatoes.

Leif is the one described as a “botany expert with the greenest thumbs”!

Buy from Leif

Agriculture in ACNH
Image: Screenshot: Nintendo Life

Leif sells “starts” – small crops ready to be planted and grown in your own garden. He will have tomatoes, potatoes, sugarcane, wheat, and carrots, but not all at the same time.

Also can buy from Leif when he visits your island – but his inventory is much smaller and his tours less reliable!

Each boot costs 280 bells, and you can buy them in bulk – five will set you back 1,400 bells.

Or … get lucky on Kapp’n’s boat tours

It is apparently possible to find harvest beginnings on the islands where Kapp’n takes you! Obviously, this is the least reliable method of all, as you can only visit one island per day, but … free harvests!

Cultivate your crops

Agriculture in ACNH
Image: Screenshot: Nintendo Life

Fortunately, farming in Animal Crossing is much easier than real life. Simply plant your shoots anywhere and water them once a day. In no time at all, they’ll be big, healthy foods! In fact, they only take three days to fully grow from start to finish, and they will grow back even after harvest.

However, if you are very busy, the crops will grow on their own – they will just have a lower yield. Okay, this song is like real life.

Cook your crops

Agriculture in ACNH
Image: Screenshot: Nintendo Life

Wheat makes flour! Sugar cane makes sugar! Tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and pumpkins do a lot of things! Experiment and see where the kitchen takes you.

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