Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise Ranks & Ratings – How To Increase Your Happy Home Ranking Explained

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In the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC, your salary, your uniform, and even your abilities are all tied to your “rank” – the title Lottie gives you after building a certain number of houses.

However, subsequent ranks are also based on a secret number – your rank. Using a wealth of in-depth data, Isomorphic Box figured out how Ranks and Ratings work – here’s a guide to help you!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise Ranks and Ratings Explained

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Image: Nintendo’s Life

According to a datamine cataloged by Isomorphic Box, players have a rating and rank, which combine to determine how much you get paid for Happy Home designs.

How to increase your Happy Home rank

Rank is what Lottie will give you, and it comes with a title, like “Breakout Designer, as well as new clothing options to add to your uniform.

Rank is invisible and increases based on several factors: the number of clients you have helped, the number of roommates you have gathered, the number of facilities you have built, etc.

Your rank comes into play in later stages of the Happy Home Designer ‘story’, as you will only get a higher score if you too have a high rank. Here are the Isomorphic Box tables to explain:

Level unlock

Class Reward Title Approach rate * Requirement
0 6,000 Pokis 0% Nothing
1 9,000 Pokis Promising designer 0% Complete 6 requests
2 12,000 Pokis Escape designer 0% Complete 11 requests
3 15,000 Pokis Famous designer 0% Complete 19 requests
4 20,000 Pokis Superstar designer 1% Complete 19 requests, get a rank of 84
5 30,000 Pokis Legendary designer 1% Complete 19 requests, have a rank of 119
6 40,000 Pokis Goat designer ten% Complete 19 requests, get a rank of 146

* probability for customer approaches, which results in a 10% increase in the reward

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Image: Nintendo’s Life

Ranking points

Factor Rank increase
Number of days of access to HHP +1 every 5 days, up to a maximum of +35 (175 days)
Number of NPCs served +5 if at least 10
Number of NPCs served +5 if at least 20
Number of NPCs served +5 if at least 30
Number of NPCs served +5 if at least 50
Number of NPCs served +10 if at least 100
Number of NPCs served +10 if at least 200
Number of NPCs served +10 if at least 300
Number of NPCs served +10 if at least 400
Number of completed pairs of roommates +2 for 5 pairs, up to a maximum of +20 (50 pairs)
Number of plots filled +10 if at least 16
Number of plots filled +10 if at least 32
Number of plots filled +10 if at least 48
Number of installations +5 for each establishment
Used a partition wall in HHP +5
Number of villagers whose wallpaper / flooring is received * +1 every 3, up to a maximum of +15 (45 villagers)
Unlock the Clothes Shop (after house 30) +10

* when more than 20 minutes are taken for their request

Hope you now know how to get promoted!

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