9 Women Who Managed Monster Heels

Throughout the history of professional wrestling, the role of women has been to manage male wrestlers. Some wrestlers who cannot speak on the mic need a spokesperson willing to generate more heat on the wrestler. There’s no doubt that some monster heels can talk on the mic, but having a manager by their side makes the act that much better.. In WWEthe Sensational Sherri and Randy Savage were the perfect double act of a male and female partnership.

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Some valets have benefited from their managerial debut as they have become exceptional performers in the ring. Unfortunately, some monstrous heels failed to live up to the hype and found themselves lost in the shuffle pretty quickly.

9 tori

Tori & Kane 2000 Cropped

Tori joined WWE in early 1999, and she was an obsessed Sable fan. However, Tori was not a good performer in the ring and she failed to snatch the Women’s Championship from Sable and Ivory. In the fall of 1999, Tori entered into a relationship with Kane. The Big Red Machine was one of the most dominant monsters from the time it stepped foot in a WWE ring in 1997.

Kane changed his face in 1999 and, having Tori by his side, showed another side of Kane. They had great chemistry together, but Tori loved X-Pac after they left together over Christmas break. In early 2000, Tori turned her back on Kane and she kicked off her relationship with X-Pac by joining D-Generation X.

8 Ivory

Ivory 1999 Cropped

Future three-time WWE Women’s Champion Ivory was introduced as Mark Henry’s love interest in early 1999. Ivory managed Henry and D’Lo Brown for their WWE Tag Team Championship match against Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: In Your House. Unfortunately, she failed to take them to the titles.

Nonetheless, Ivory was an established in-ring performer, and she defeated Debra for the women’s title in June 1999. When Ivory joined Right to Censor a year later, she occasionally accompanied The Goodfather and Bull Buchanan in the ring. Both Goodfather and Buchanan are big men, but she was better suited to competing inside the ring. She was a major asset to the group because she could easily cut a promo and she could gain heat.


7 Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly and Mike Knox cropped

At just 19 years old, Kelly Kelly became one of WWE’s youngest female talents at the time in June 2006. She was a member of Extreme Expose alongside Layla and Brooke. Kelly Kelly was hugely popular on ECW, but she managed Mike Knox, who was a jealous boyfriend of hers.

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He didn’t approve of Kelly Kelly’s antics at all. Nonetheless, Knox was built as a monster on ECW but he didn’t have much success in WWE. He challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship inside the Elimination Chamber at No Exit 2009 but failed to win the title. Once Kelly Kelly and Knox broke up, she continued to have success in WWE and won the Divas Championship in 2011.

6 Arielle

Ariel and Kevin Thorn cropped

Shelly Martinez joined WWE in 2006, and she was part of WWE’s revamp of ECW. She acted like a vampire called Ariel. She was originally supposed to manage Kevin Thorn and Gangrel in a faction of vampires, but she ended up managing Thorn. Thorn was repackaged as he failed in his role as Mordecai in 2004.

Ariel and Thorn had great chemistry together and their relationship was scary. They joined Elijah Burke’s New Breed faction in 2007. She left WWE shortly after leaving the New Breed, and she later joined TNA as a valet from LAX called Salinas.

5 lana

Lana & Rusev cropped

In 2014, Lana managed Rusev, who was an unbeatable monster heel. The Bulgarian Brute was incredibly athletic for a man his size. Rusev defeated Sheamus for the United States Championship in November 2014, and he went on an undefeated run until he dropped the gold to John Cena at Wrestle Mania 31.

Lana and Rusev had great chemistry together as Lana cut promos for Rusev. She spoke with a Russian accent and she did a great job convincing Rusev. It’s no surprise that they had great chemistry together as they were in a real life relationship.

4 Lita

Lita and Kane cropped

Lita recovered from a serious neck injury in 2003 and was back inside the squared circle. However, she spent more time on the sidelines as she entered into a love triangle with Kane and Matt Hardy. She was abducted by Kane, and she became pregnant with his child in a disturbing storyline. The Big Red Machine defeated Matt in a “Till Death Do Us Part” match at Slam summer 2004, and so, he was allowed to marry Lita.

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Kane had been unmasked for a year, and he was still sick and demented. However, once Lita lost the baby in a feud with Gene Snitsky, Kane coped. The storyline worked, but it didn’t benefit Lita’s in-ring career as she wasn’t wrestling until the end of the year, but she tore her ACL in a Women’s Championship with Trish at new year revolution 2005.

3 Luna Vachon

Luna & Bam Bam Bigelow Cropped

Luna Vachon was originally valet to reigning Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels at Wrestle Mania 9. However, Luna soon dumped Michaels and she struck up a relationship with Bam Bam Bigelow. Luna was Bigelow’s “main push”.

Luna worked well with Bigelow, and the Beast from the East was one of the most dominant heels in WWE history. It’s a shame Bigelow never won a championship in WWE because he was one hell of a performer. Luna and Bigelow teamed up with Wrestle Mania 10, and they defeated Doink and Dink the Clown in a mixed tag team match. Luna and Bigelow stayed together for a year until Bigelow joined Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Corporation.

2 summer rae

Rae & Rusev summer shorts

Lana wasn’t the only woman to manage Rusev, Summer Rae also had the honor of managing the Bulgarian Brute in 2015. Summer was a good heel manager and she managed Fandango’s career for a short time. Unfortunately, Rae and Rusev lacked chemistry together, and there’s no doubt that Rusev and Lana were better suited for each other.

Another reason the storyline was scuppered is because Lana and Rusev announced their actual engagement together. There’s no way Summer and Rusev could continue their romance as a couple, given Lana and Rusev’s real commitment, which threw a spanner in the works.

1 Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus & Viscera Cropped

Trish Stratus is someone who benefited from management as she became one of the greatest female champions of all time. Trish debuted in early 2000, and she managed Test and Albert, who were collectively known as T&A. The trio worked extremely well together for the majority of 2000, and it enhanced Test and Albert’s skills in the ring during that time.

By 2005, Trish Stratus was firmly established as the reigning, six-time women’s champion. She got into a high profile feud with Lita, but Lita had support in the form of her husband Kane. Trish acquired the services of Viscera for backup. Although Viscera agreed, he wanted sexual advances from Trish in return. Their alliance was brutal, with Viscera turning face and crushing Trish after failing to beat Kane at Backlash 2005.

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