225 felines go head to head in mind-blowing fundraiser at the Houston Cat Club

Hundreds of cat cages filled the ballroom at the Hilton Houston North this weekend for one of the nation’s biggest cat shows.

About 225 cats representing 43 breeds are judged by the Cat Fanciers’ Association at the 69th Annual Houston Cat Club Charitable Cat Show.

The show, which continues on Sunday, features competitions for purebred cats, which are judged on breed standards, and domestic cats, which are judged on health and appearance.

Sylvia Insall traveled from Tulsa to show off her Burmese sand. “Arab’n Nts’ Elessar Jessica” – Jessica for short – is 11 months old but is already on her way to Grand Champion status, which means racking up 200 points at cat shows. Each cat she beats in judgment earns her a point.

So far, she has 60 points on two shows and Insall expects to earn more this weekend due to the size of the Houston show.

With her warm brown fur, rounded face and bright green eyes, Jessica is striking. Each of the five judges will evaluate him according to the standards of the breed.

During one round, Jessica whistled at the judge who was handling her.

“Some judges may ignore this,” Insall said. “But not at all.”

Jessica is the only Burmese in the show, automatically winning her best breed, but she has a lot of competition in the overall short hair category.

The Persians represent the largest share of the competitors, with 60 cats entered in several divisions. Other popular breeds represented include the Maine Coon, Bengal, Siamese, and Ragdoll.

The profits of the show are donated to charities for animals. Over its 72 year history, the Houston Cat Club has donated $ 950,000 to charity.

The family event has activities for kids, including an educational corner where kids can learn about different breeds and interact with some of the show cats.

Vendors at the “Meow Mall” outside the ballroom sell supplies for cat owners as well as clothing and accessories for cat enthusiasts.

“We hope people know they can attend this event even if they don’t show cats or don’t know how to show cats,” said Becky Galloway, president of the Houston Cat Club. “And a rainy weekend is a perfect indoor activity.”

Homeless and Orphaned Pets Endeavor (HOPE) and Loving Arms Pet Placement are on hand with cats looking for a forever home.

The event runs until Sunday. Admission is $ 10 for adults and $ 8 for children 5 to 10 years old. Children under 4 are free. Spectators cannot bring their animals into the hall.

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